Universal Aluminum group with a history of more than 17 years is among the leading industrial concerns in the State of Bahrain.

With the rapid pace of construction activity taking place in the Middle East, the founders of the group established UAG in Bahrain in 1981. As a company constantly transforming itself with its expansion and diversification, it has entered into different areas of manufacturing besides architectural aluminum products such as, aluminum flyscreen, aluminum blind rivets, aluminum wire drawing, PVC gaskets, garments and trading. The group now employs more than 700 people.


" The Universal Aluminium Group aspires to be recognised world wide for its integrity, dependability, excellence in product quality and service standards.

Further, the Group strives to meet the aspirations of its customers, staff and shareholders by focusing on long term objectives".


In order to fulfil our mission statement we need to achieve the following objectives:

  • Customer focus: We must focus on the needs of the present and future customer groupings. We must set clear targets and measure our achievements against these expectations.
  • Focus on Corporate Identity and Brand values: To further enhance the Group’s Corporate Identity in worldwide markets whilst at the same time we will strengthen the individual brand identities through the use of innovative marketing strategies.
  • People focus: Staff are our major assets in any such achievement. We will recruit select and develop the right caliber of staff capable of achieving the highest standards of work performance. We must motivate them, through strong and clear leadership and the adoption of the latest HR and personnel practices. We need to keep staff informed of company developments and make them feel recognised as an important part of the business.
  • Business Growth and Profitability focus: We will maintain growth and profitability by focusing our activities in growth market areas and by developing long term business relationships with a high profile customer base. Only by being profitable can we secure the future. We need to:

    1) Expect each division within the Group to achieve agreed return on sales targets

    2) Only invest in new ventures if they will be profitable within four years.

  • Cost effectiveness: Our customer focus means that we should concentrate resources on the achievement of their expectations. We should eliminate costs not aimed at meeting this objective.


We will achieve the right balance of our objectives if we have a clear set of values which we will all share and see as guiding our day-to-day behaviour. These are:

  • Responsiveness to Customers: Our customers will recognise us for what we do and how we act, not what we say. We must ensure that at all times our behaviour, our language, our response recognises that we have understood their requirements / problems.
  • Concern for people: Our business is based on trust and the integrity of our relationships. People form key ingredient in these and our concern for them and their ambitions must be evident. We will respect the cultural diversity of our workforce and we will harness their energies through teamwork.
  • Teamwork: Responsiveness and concern will only be effective within a spirit of teamwork at local, regional and international level. We will actively foster this through the free interchange of information and respect for each others’ contribution.
  • Technical excellence: We have a unique blend of skills and back-up teams to match. We must ensure that we maintain and use our level of skill to a high level of professionalism, externally and internally. Effective training will be the principal means by which we can continually build and adapt our technical expertise and skills.